LaserGear BOQX™

Product Information

LaserGear BOQX is a Class 1 desktop laser marking system that combines simplicity with power. Featuring a 20W MOPA fiber laser, BOQX delivers both strength and speed to accomplish a variety of applications. A front sliding vertical door and power focal height adjustment with a built-in focus finder tool allow for simple front loading and part setup. Simply connect a laptop or desktop PC via USB and begin programming in our LaserGear Pro software.

  • Ideal for Class 4 Tool Post Use or Integration Applications

  • Minilase Pro SE Software – Programming and setup of marking templates is simple with our Minilase Pro SE software using a simple USB connection to your laptop or desktop PC.

  • Convenient Features – QUBE60W is ideal for Class 4 benchtop laser marking when mounted to a tool post. Discreet I/O is available for integration applications.
  • Quality at an Economical Investment – With a Class 1 safe desktop laser enclosure, the QUBE is a high-quality product available at an economical price.


LaserGear BOQX

System Features

  • Class 1 safe desktop laser enclosure
  • Front sliding vertical door
  • Front operator control buttons
  • 20W MOPA fiber laser
  • Power focal height adjustment with focus finder tool


LaserGear BOQX with operator

Technical Specifications

System Dimensions / Weight (approx.) 16.15”W x 34.5”L x 24”H / 130lbs
(mm) 410W x 876.3 L x 584H / 59kg
Standard Marking Field 163 Focal Lens 3.93” x 3.93” / 100mm x 100mm
Standard Max Part Size 12”W x 9.0”L x 5.75”H
(mm) 254W x 228L x 146H
Laser Type Ytterbium Fiber
Wavelength 1062nm +/- 3nm
Wattage 20W
Frequency Range 1-400kHz
Pulse Duration 200ns
Operative Ambient Air Temperature 0° – 40° C / 32° – 104° F
Cooling Forced Air
Input Power Requirements Power Sensing 110-240VAC 50/60Hz
Aiming Beam (2) Class IIIa/3R Red Diode
PC Windows 7 or 10 Laptop or Desktop PC
PC Connection USB
Machine Ports Diagnostic, Option Pendant
Warranty 18 Month Comprehensive, Unlimited Hours
(Provided in Digital Format via USB Drive)
System & Software Manuals Laser Settings Guide / Safety Manual