Testimonials from Our Customers

Jen - San Antonio

 "I just wanted to send some feedback.  We really enjoyed having Michael here today.  He was a huge help and gave us some great Corel pointers.  We are ecstatic about the capabilities of our new Epilog laser. You guys hit the mark again both in terms of product and service.  I owe you my next million ;)"  


Marcia - Conroe

"Back when I was considering which laser to buy, Epilog or "another brand", the thing that impressed me most about your company was your people. Randy stayed in touch with me for months before I ever decided on buying. (I never heard anything from the other company.) He exceeded my expectations then, and everyone from you, Jeanette, Lynnette, Mike, Randy, etc. have continued to exceed anything I could have a imagined a company would do for its customer. My praise is genuine. You guys are the best!"


Justin - The Woodlands

"Keep up the amazing service. I hope that my customers will think as highly of me, as I do of you."

Sherry - Greenwood Village, CO

Hi Jeanette,

I have forwarded this to our engraver to answer the questions. I just want to tell you how much we appreciate you, your dad and your organization. You really have it together!!

Roy has been awesome – answering all of our questions…truly professional in every way. Thank you so much for providing us not only a great engraver, but superior service! 

Willie - Texas City

"Never change, you are the best thing that has happened to the industry. Love these guys."

Fabian - Freer, TX

"I have to guess that the Epilog Laser has been the best investment we have made with our business expansion loan.  It was a breeze to set-up.  It was easy to understand and the training materials are superb!  Heck, even the troubleshooting section is great, of course, I only had to troubleshoot cause of my errors. All in all, I am glad I chose to work with y'all on this purchase.  Thanks for making this a flawless victory!"


Chris - Cedar Creek

"Basics and Layouts CV came today, and it is great.  Please express my thanks to Roy Brewer - He has the ability to explain things so clearly and succinctly. P.S.  I love my machine!"  

Jose - Las Cruces, NM

"It's nice to deal with a company that still believes in offering good service.  Thank you!!"

Jesus - El Paso, TX

"Engraving Concepts is top notch when it comes to customer service...best in the industry!!!"


Doug - Marble Falls, TX

"There is not another company in any field that handles 'service' like Engraving Concepts." -- Doug, Marble Falls, TX

There is not another company in any field that handles "service" like Engraving Concepts.  This afternoon (after 5pm) I emailed both Roy and Jeanette.  I had a reply on my email from each of them before the clock hit midnight.  My question could have waited until the next business day.  This just goes to show how much these guys care.  This is not the first time and as a matter of fact, I am taken care of this way each time.  The service before the sale was the best, and it does not change after the sale!