CorelDRAW Macros

The following macros have been created by Engraving Concepts. There are scores of other macros available for various functions not easily handled by CorelDRAW available on the Internet and various other sites. All macros here may be used without a license and without warranty. Engraving Concepts reserves the right to market these macros as they are modified and improved.

List of Macros included with the download macro package.

  • TagCutEC v1.06.gms
    A utility to create highly optimized cut lines (optional rounded corners) for multiple plates (usually in conjunction with Print Merge).

  • Bump100.gms
    Temporary-use macro for early owners of Epilog Fusion Pro models and CorelDRAW2019. “Bumps” layout to the u/l corner of 100” x 100” page and sends to the Epilog Dashboard then returns layout to original condition.

  • Buzzer.gms:
    Fix to “massages” LaserBuzz files to improve functionality with Color Mapping.

  • ChangeCase.gms:
    Allows CorelDRAW users to leave a copy of the ChangeCase functionality open and available to modify large/small blocks of text to various case options. See APA Insights 2019 article for details on how to install and how the macro functions.

  • ColorPagesV3.gms:
    Useful for “columnizing” combined with color mapping. Takes Printmerge data (multiple pages) and alternates colors so each column has its own color.

  • CurvesToCircles2.gms:
    Transforms selected items to circles.

  • EpiPhotoGrave.gms:
    RDB’s 1st crack at using CorelDRAW exclusively for preparing photographs for laser engraving. Works best with CorelDRAW2018 and down.

  • LoadDemoFiles.gms:
    Loads a list of files into memory for quick access before laser demonstration.

  • PageNumberRDB.gms:
    Numbers the pages on multipage document

  • PoorMans3D.gms:
    RDB’s quick & Dirty, 3D on closed shape.

  • ResizeCircles.gms:
    Resizes selected circles leaving them at their center point. Helpful for Rhinestone applications.

  • ResizeSelection.gms:
    Resizes multiple selected objects leaving them at their current center point.

  • RS_all_in_1.gms:
    Can be used anytime one needs a contour around a group. Designed for rubber stamp makers to create a cutout boundary around a die (group of objects).

  • RSCenterText.gms:
    Multi-page application that groups all objects and centers them vertically then ungroups them. Will take Print Merge’s Output to New Document in which each plate has 1,2,3, or 4 lines of text and they are to be engraved in the vertical center of plate. Possible uses: mailing address labels, electrical/wiring labels with varying # of lines/plate.

  • Subtract_Cutter_Width.gms:
    Reduces the circle size by diameter of cutting tool. Very similar to resize circles (see above).

  • ToggleView.gms:

    Toggles between Wire Frame and Enhanced view.

  • w3D.gms:
    Roger Wambolts quick & dirty, 3D on closed shape.

  • YellowPage.gms:
    Creates a light yellow background that is not printed or exported. Allows user to catch white fill and other errors.